Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New 2010 Volkswagen T5 Van facelift

German automotive company launched New 2010 Volkswagen VW Transporter T5 Van facelift. firm MR Car Design has released some new goodies for the European market [pre-facelift] it is called VW Transporter. Available mods include an electronically adjustable air suspension kit that allows the driver to raise the van's ride height by as much as 90mm or lower it by 70mm over the standard model. For safety reasons, the ground clearance is automatically adjusted above certain speeds. The suspension kit is priced at €2,500 or about US$3,170.

VW Transporter New

it also offers a custom-made sport exhaust system for €950 / US$1,204, 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels complete with beefy 275/35 performance tires for €2,150 / US$2,726 per wheel / tire set, and an ECU upgrade boosting the engine's (no word about which powerplant) output to 200-horsepower for €599 / US$760. take a look for some pictures below
2010 VW Transporter

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