Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 18 Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500 Police Car

1 18 ford shelby mustang gt 500 police car1 Reviews 18 ford mustang shelby gt 500 police car

The Shelby Mustang is a high performance variant of the Ford Mustang built from 1965 through 1970. Following the introduction of the Fifth-generation Ford Mustang the Shelby nameplate was revived in 2007 for new high performance versions of the Mustang.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

1967 Ford Mustang GT 500

1967 Ford Mustang GT 500 1967 Ford Mustang GT 500

1985 ford mustang gt for sale
1 18 ford shelby mustang gt 500 police car
93 ford mustang gt

AUDI AG WORLDWIDE RELEASE: Luxury in grand style: The new Audi A8 L

he new A8 is a concentrated high-tech package that confirms Audi claim to technical leadership ? ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. And now the brand is introducing the top version of its flagship model. The A8 L W12 quattro, with a long wheelbase and a twelve-cylinder engine, sets new standards of luxury, dynamism and efficiency in the top automobile manufacturing league. The Audi A8 L is being launched with a twelve-cylinder engine, but by the end of the year will be available with all the engines currently offered for the A8.

What’s fascinating about the A8 L is its supremely powerful presence; its design is clearly derived from the brand’s genes and yet has undergone further refinement. The long wheelbase does not disturb its taut outlines, which remain as athletic as they are elegant.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chrome Lamborgini Tuning Sport Car

Black Modification

HearseCon 2010 Ad! (A-Team Parody)

Ever owned a Hearse and was rejected from car shows because your ride was way to weird or deadly? Now there is HearseCon 2010 for those of you looking for an alternative event to go to this year. The event will be held June 18th-20th, Englewood Colorado and is described as "Burning Man for People who shower..."

Legendary Scooter Travels Cross Country

Legendary Scooter Travels Cross Country
, originally uploaded by Master Jeffrey.

I was emailed recently about a painted scooter named "Legend" by
Jeffrey Holmes. He painted his 49cc 2006 TnG Venice with stars and stripes last summer and then took it on a 1400 mile cross country trip from from New Orleans to Key West and Back to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

It was a solo trip (no chase vehicle or other participants) and he still
drives her daily and is currently working on a 93 Buick Hearse aka Vodou 1. Cant wait to add that to our collection of Hearses here on art car central. Great work.

Sport Seats Model

To choose sport seats are depending on the make and model of your car you may or may not have a desirable looking interior, older car will have a striped look interior and may not match with the new colour scheme you have adopted. The two best and most popular things to do are either have your existing car seats re-trimmed or buy a set of bucket racing seats, most custom car garages will offer a re-trimming service and for a cost of about $ 2500 they will completely change the internal colours of your car to match the outside of the car.
The more popular method of upgrading your seats is to change the existing seat for a set of bucket racing seats, these seats are used in rally car and touring car style racing to keep the driver held securely in there seat so they would be ideal for a person who likes to go round corners fast.
The average pair of seats will set you back about $ 350,00 per seat but because of there construction and materials used they will also cut weight from your car which as we all know will make you go faster.

Body Kit Modification

Body kits, there are a very small amount of cars that can get away with a standard body and still turn heads but as in the case of most cars if your want a really good sporty and custom look from your car your going to have to kit it.
Depending on what car you own you may have a large amount of different body kits available to you, but if your are making a custom car that is not commonly modified then you are going to have to venture in to the world of customised body work.
Luckily there is hope for cars that don’t have body kits produced for your car, there are body shops that will take a kit designed for a different car and make it fit on to your ride.
The main draw back of doing this is cost not only do you have to buy the kit you will also have to pay for the time and efforts of your body shop to customise and fit your kit then your will also incur the cost of a full re-spray to get the car up to scratch.
If your are lucky enough to have a kit that fits right on to your car you may be able to kit your car up for under £1000 painted but if your are going for a customised look your may need to save up in the region of £3000 +, I know it is a hefty amount but the end results are well worth the money.

2010 Ford Mustang Falken

Hello people after looooong time. I'm back with a new car i hope you like it. A big thx to my friend MitakoBG for big support and helping me with the project. Pics by MitakoBG.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Carlsson 2010 - C25 Super GT Modification Concept

Carlsson presents an own developed automobile at this year’s Geneva Motor Show – the Carlsson C25 Limited Super-GT. The concept of this Super-GT is based on the vision of combining maximum driving performance with an entirely new design and high exclusiveness. The result is a breathtaking and beautiful sports coupĂ© with 753 hp in a limited edition of only 25 cars world-wide.
The performance data of the six litre V12 Bi-Turbo is impressive. The high-performance aggregate with a motor management optimisation patented by Carlsson renders 753 hp (554 kW) and allows fast acceleration as well as smooth travels at lower speeds. Also responsible for the perfect performance evolvement is the elaborately developed stainless steel exhaust system with ends in four edgy pipes at the back. The power catapults the C25 with a torque of 1320 Newton metres at 3750 r.p.m. which is electronically limited to 1,150 Newton metres from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 352 km/h.

The Carlsson C25 Super-GT Concept also comes with an ultra-light and forged wheels 1/10 UL in the dimensions 9,5×20 and 12×20 inches have been especially designed for the C25 and are equipped with high performance tyres measuring 265/30 at the front and 325/25 at the rear live axle.