Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne Diesel D Box

2010 LUMMA Design Porsche Cayenne

The D-Box for the Cayenne Diesel brings both reason and driving pleasure to the table in equal measure. This plug-and-play solution increases the diesel engine’s performance from 240 to an impressive 276 hp (203 kW) and raises the vehicle’s maximum torque from 550 to 630 Newton metres. This increased torque allows noticeable savings in fuel consumption to be made because it is precisely at low engine speeds that greater efficiency can be achieved. If required, the D-Box can be completely retrofitted.
The new light alloy wheels from the Winterlingen-based customiser appear similarly sporty – whether it’s the Mono 10×22-inch sports wheels with silver surface or the two-tone Mono 11×23-inch wheels with powerfully moulded spokes. Not only does the complete wheel set look really racy, it also ensures excellent road holding.

The twin exhaust pipe deflectors made from burnished and chrome-plated stainless steel give the Cayenne Diesel an individual touch while the two 90 millimetre pipes give the vehicle an especially sporty finish.

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