Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jaguar S-Type

Luxury Cabin of Jaguar S-Type
Luxury Cabin of Jaguar S-Type
Back Angle of Jaguar S-Type
Jaguar executive saloon with variables, including diesel engines 2.7 liter four class-leading twin-turbo, 3.0 liter V6 petrol and renowned 4.2-liter naturally aspirated and super V8s
Simple design combined with advanced technology and legendary Jaguar ride and handling make the S-type with the symbols of the contemporary Jaguar sports sedan
From the 400bhp top-of-term (debt), 155mph Super S-Type R, which is capable of 60mph in just 5.3 seconds for the twin-turbo 2.7-liter diesel is recognized, which provides time 0 – 60mph just 8.1 seconds after returning 41.5 mpg on the economic cycle in a combined fuel consumption, remarkable innovation, Jaguar and clear throughout the range
Was also given and the S-Type diesel engine with a good many admire the six-speed automatic or six-speed manual. 3.0-liter petrol is available with either five-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox, while both models are equipped with 4.2-liter V8 with an automatic six-speed automatic transmission

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