Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Green Car Solar Powared environmentally friendly

This car solar powered looks car concept design for future is very futuristic design. and this car is environmentally friendly and does not contain pollution. I know there are Solar powered car, but solar and wind powered? Hmm…that seems odd. This golf cart looking car is the self powered Venturi Eclectic. It is powered by a 22hp electric motor charged by solar cells mounted on its roof. So where does wind powere come in? There is a force wheel that rotates by sheer wind power. It looks like your average wind turbine and it also charges the battery. A full day of wind charging can power this car for about 15km. No sun and no wind? No problem, just plug it into a mains unit at home. A completely charged NiMH battery provides a range of about 50km and allows the car to reach speeds of 50km/h. Not bad. Great for driving around the neighborhood or passing by a near grocery store.This will go into production in June 2007 and will cost about 24,000 euros

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