Monday, January 11, 2010

Classic Car 1934 Blackpool tram No. 228

I think this car is unique because this classic car blackpool tram year 1934. Built 1934.Served Blackpool, England 1934-1984. Market Street Railway receives more queries about this odd–looking English tram than any other car. When the car appears on the F-line, it brings smiles to all who see it go by—its nautical air whistle gaily tooting. This car, No. 228, is actually the second 'Boat Tram' to run on Muni’s tracks. An identical ex–Blackpool tram was leased from the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista Junction. It was so popular, Trolley Festival project manager Rick Laubscher got an unused Boat donated by Blackpool Transport, with his then–employer, Bechtel, covering the cost of shipping. This car is a tremendous public relations vehicle for Muni, as it demonstrates a sense of whimsy while celebrating San Francisco’s maritime heritage and providing popular transit service to Fisherman’s Wharf, all in one package. All aboard! 1934—Built in England for Blackpool Tramways. Entered seasonal service on that resort’s seacoast line to Fleetwood and other lines. 1976—Loaned to Philadelphia, regauged and repainted for special service during the US Bicentennial (see picture at right). 1984—Acquired as gift to Muni, repainted from Philadelphia livery into original Blackpool green and cream, and restored to standard gauge by Muni crafts workers. Entered service during second Trolley Festival, replacing leased museum car of same type. 1985-87—Operated very successfully in final three Trolley Festivals. 1995—Begins serving F-Market line, built as result of successful Trolley Festivals. 2000—Begins serving F-line extension on Embarcadero to Fisherman’s Wharf. Later made ADA accessible (as single–end car). 2005—Unavoidable accident during pull–in damages car; Muni shops repair it at considerable expense.

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