Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fiat Panda Hydrogen concept car

Fiat Panda Hydrogen concept carFiat Panda Hydrogen with image 1

Fiat Panda Hydrogen concept carFiat Panda Hydrogen with image 2

Fiat Panda Hydrogen concept carFiat Panda Hydrogen double duo car with image 3

Fiat Panda Hydrogen concept carFiat Panda Hydrogen with image 4

This car looks simple and minimalis design but this car is fiat pand hydrogen have modern in hydrogen because this car use concept design for hydrogen car. Fiat has unveiled the Panda Hydrogen, a concept vehicle powered by an innovative fuel cell system, capable of delivering all the necessary power without the need for drive batteries.The Panda Hydrogen is equipped with a fuel cell system called "Full Power": it lacks a drive battery for the accumulation of electrical energy that in most fuel cell vehicles is needed for acceleration. Panda Hydrogen is the result of a joint venture between Fiat Auto, the Fiat Research Centre and Fiat Powertrain Research & Technology with the support of the Research and Environment Ministries. It features performances a urban use: it accelerates from 0 to 50 km/m in less than 5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 130 km/h. The hydrogen tank capacity guarantees the Panda Hydrogen a range of more than 200 km over an urban cycle. Refuelling time is very quick at less than 5 minutes, i.e. comparable to the time taken to refuel a methane car.The electrical power generation system is supplied with hydrogen at a pressure of 1.5 bars and oxygen contained in the air. It produces electrical energy so efficiently that 60% is available at just 20% of maximum power. The alternating current three-phase asynchronous electric engine and the transmission are located in the engine compartment together with the various auxiliary systems. Though Fuel Cell propulsion systems will not be widely available before 15-20 years, in 2006 Fiat will start a field research phase with some demonstration Panda Hydrogen fleets.

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