Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekly Tally #4: How I Got Around Last Week

I kept track again this week.  We rented a zipcar on Thursday to pick up Noah from the beach and run errands.

So, last week, here's how I got around:

walking:  2 miles  
bike:  4 miles

walking: 2 miles
bike:  11.2 miles  (SUPER hot outside on this day.  I was pretty wiped out.)

walking:  4 mile
bike:  0 miles
boat:  35 miles (Tracy and I took the ferry from Boston to Salem.  It's about a 50-minute ride.  $20 round trip.  I love being able to get around by boat, and it was the perfect way to travel on a very hot day.)
T:  8 miles

walking: 3 miles
bike:  2 miles
zipcar:  180 miles

walking:  3.5 miles
bike:  4.5 miles

walking: 2 miles
bike:  6.8 miles

walking:  2 miles 
bike:  4 miles

walking:  18.5 miles
bike:  32.5 miles
T: 8 miles
Car:  180 miles
Boat:  35 miles

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