Saturday, April 3, 2010

WhaleMobile For Sale - Going Slow

WhaleMobile For Sale - Going Slow

Ever thought of driving your very own WhaleMobile? Well now is your chance and for the very low low price of $150 this blubbering beauty can be yours today. The WhaleMobile is listed on Craigslist located in Cape Girardeau and the contact number is 573-334-4363.

It was built on the frame of a 1986 Yugo Cabrio with 38k Miles by the owners grandfather after it the body was badly damaged in a freak hailstorm. Grandpa got this crazy idea in his head to turn this thing into a whale car. How weird, you wake up one day and decide to make an art car, you start building, people think you are strange and your whole life makes a turn for the interesting.

Anyways, the WhaleMobile has new tires, working headlights, a lever inside the cockpit controls the whale tail and a working blow hole that shoots water. Perfect for parades and kids parties, not street legal yet but I am sure its sea worthy.

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