Sunday, June 21, 2009

The rest of the grocery shopping

(by Tracy)

While Pat went to Haymarket by bike, I worked on the rest of the grocery shopping. First Noah and I went to Trader Joe's where we got four bags of groceries. Noah carried one in his backpack (very light) and I put two in baskets on my bike and one in my backpack. Later, after I dropped him off at a playdate, I rode to Whole Foods (uphill for two miles), got another bag of groceries, and then coasted downhill for two miles to Stop and Shop where I finished up with three more bags. Not bad, two trips, eight bags of groceries. It took a total of an hour and 45 minutes. It was a hot, muggy day, so I was hot and tired when I returned, but it definitely felt like an accomplishment and a good workout. I think the total distance was equivalent to a round trip to work for me about six miles.

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