Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suzuki X-Head Concept Car at the Tokyo Auto Show

Suzuki X-Head Concept Car at the Tokyo Auto Show

Suzuki X-HEAD concept: cross-utility functionality and fun

The Kamino-cloner car we showed you earlier is one of a few Suzuki concepts we'll be seeing first-hand later this month at the Tokyo Auto Show. A second concept car to see the sheets drop from atop it is the Suzuki X-HEAD concept car. its' like a mix between a Hummer, an El Camino and umm — a Tonka truck? We're at a loss for words here — but we're loving it. Full press release below the jump in all of its ESL glory and here is the high-res shot of the concept car/truck/SUV/El Camino. X-HEAD "X-HEAD" is " the cross utility vehicle " of the new genre which brings the various values which until recently are not. It has high running the whole distance characteristic, the "gym knee", "the escudo", it has high loading characteristic, DNA "of [kiyarii]" was succeeded, functional hopefulness was had. The naming, "X-HEAD" adjusting to the life style and sense of value of the person who rides, has meant the possibility this car which corresponds to various uses becoming unknown. Being possible to combine the carrier unit which is adjusted to life style 2 adults sleeps and can stay " the camper " and in the town coolly to ride it handles, " fashion " and so on, the person who rides " you play and stimulate heart and curiosity ". In addition, supposed the rescue rescue in various road circumstances " rescue " and so on, it is possible to answer also social mission, being tough, you propose the pleasant car.

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